Månsteri Store on nyt Mandu

Posted by Matti Niinimäki on

We opened Månsteri Store in the Spring of 2011, it was originally supposed to be just a little convenience for people working with Arduinos in Finland, but slowly expanded bigger and bigger.

Recently, the ageing backend of the old website was causing lots of problems and this move has been long overdue. Therefore, we decided to change our store's platform


How are Månsteri and Mandu connected?
Mandu is a subsidiary of Månsteri. Essentially, we are still the same company. Just with a new name and a much improved shopping experience. We are also working on improving all aspects of the store. If you ever picked up orders from our hideout in Vallila, you can still find us in the same place!

Why did you change the name?
There are many reasons. Firstly, we wanted to separate the shop from all the other things Månsteri does. Secondly, we wanted to change into a more easier name for anyone who is not Finnish or Swedish. Thirdly, this feels like a rebirth of the store, and we wanted to create something new and fresh.

Did my old account from Månsteri Store move to Mandu?
No, we decided to give you the option to register or not register again for Mandu. You can also order without creating an account. We still need your email address and phone number to be able to ship your order to you. Your old account details from Månsteri Store will be deleted on January 31, 2019. We will keep copies of order details for accounting purposes as long as is required by the law.

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