Adafruit CRICKIT FeatherWing for any Feather


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The CRICKIT (Creative Robotics & Interactive Construction Kit) from Adafruit is a powerful add-on board for creating robots or other mechanical projects.

This CRICKIT is designed to be used with any of Adafruit's Feather boards. Pick your favorite Feather and plug it on top of the CRICKIT to make it into a powerful all-in-one solution for controlling DC motors, solenoids, servos, and NeoPixel LEDs. You also get capacitive touch pads, some extra IO pins, and even an audio amplifier.

The Crickit is powered by seesaw, Adafruit's I2C-to-whatever bridge firmware. So you only need to use two data pins to control the huge number of inputs and outputs on the Crickit. All those timers, PWMs, sensors are offloaded to the co-processor.

Since you'll be working with high-current devices, we wanted to have a good solid power supply system that minimizes risk of damage. The power supply has an 'eFuse' management chip that will automatically turn off if the voltage goes above 5.5V or below 3V and has over-current protection at 4A. Every motor driver has kick-back protection. We think this is a nice and durable board for robotics!

See more detailed instructions from the Adafruit guide.

Additional Required Parts (Not Included)

Compatible Motors and Actuators from Mandu


  • 4 x Analog or Digital Servo control, with precision 16-bit timers
  • 2 x Bi-directional brushed DC motor control, 1 Amp current limited each, with 8-bit PWM speed control (or one stepper)
  • 4 x High current "Darlington" 500mA drive outputs with kick-back diode protection. For solenoids, relays, large LEDs, or one uni-polar stepper.
  • 4 x Capacitive touch sensors with alligator-pads
  • 8 x Signal pins, digital in/out or analog inputs
  • 1 x NeoPixel driver with 5V level shifter - The NeoPixels are buffered and controlled by the seesaw chip
  • 1 x Class D, 4-8 ohm speaker, 3W-max audio amplifier - the audio input pin is available as a solderable pad for your configuration, you can connect it to your Feather's DAC or PWM output as you desire
  • 2 x BI-directional brushed DC motor control, 1 Amp current limited each, with 8-bit PWM speed control
  • Voltage for motors and actuators: 5V
  • Product Dimensions: 82.0mm x 82.0mm x 15.0mm / 3.2" x 3.2" x 0.6"
  • Product Weight: 35.4g / 1.2oz

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