Makeblock Plastic Timing Pulley 90T (4-Pack)


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‌Makeblock plastic timing pulley 90T is made of plastic, so they are lighter and cheaper than the aluminium pulleys.

Works nicely together with the following Makeblock products:

  • Snaps directly to the 6V TT Geared Motors, if you want to use these as wheels (these are also used on the mBot)
  • If you need more grip when using these pulleys as wheels, use the Slick Tires from Makeblock
  • Use with MXL belts as a pulley (you will also want to get the Pulley Slices to stop the belt from slipping away)


  • Made from plastic
  • 90 tooth timing pulley with a step diameter of 10*7.5mm
  • Compatible with MXL Timing Belt
  • Can be used with the TT Geared Motors
  • Can also be used as a car wheel
  • 24 M4 holes
  • Sold in Packs of 4

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