101 RPM Gear Motor (3-12V DC)


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Stalling this gear motor could cause gear damage.

Note! The PCB on the backside of the motor is sold separately. Buy it and the connector cable for easy plug-and-play operation.

*At Nominal Voltage

  • Voltage (Nominal): 12V
  • Voltage Range (Recommended): 3V - 12V
  • Speed (No Load)*: 101 rpm
  • Current (No Load)*: 45mA
  • Current (Stall)*: 500mA
  • Torque (Stall)*: 45.6 oz-in
  • Gear Ratio: 30:1
  • Gearbox Style: Straight Cut Spur
  • Motor Type: DC
  • Output Shaft Diameter: 6mm (0.236")
  • Output Shaft Style: D-shaft
  • Output Shaft Support: Bushing
  • Electrical Connection: Male Spade Terminal
  • Mounting Screw Size: M3 x 0.5mm
  • Product Weight: 119 g (4.5 oz.)

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